We live in an interesting age, where Digital Rights Management is so stringent that most game developers strictly control what content goes to which region of the world that their product is available in. Apparently, Overwatch is one of the few modern online multiplayer games that doesn’t feature such stringent control, and the result […]


The Review: Try Hard Parking

Try Hard Parking (THP) is a labor of love that you just don’t see too often in the industry nowadays. What’s important to know is that THP was developed by one man in Bangladesh, a South East Asian third-world country, a country that is not involved in newly established advancements, that is east of India. […]

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NERF THIS! Overwatch PTR Backlash

    Patch 1.7 for the Public Test Region of popular FPS/MOBA infusion Overwatch has already generated some stink among fans of the game: More specifically, among some of the 0.26% of players who tested the changes. In cliche and cringe inducing fashion, some elements within the Overwatch community have responded to recent nerfs of Roadhog, […]

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