NERF THIS! Overwatch PTR Backlash


guess who’s back bitch


Patch 1.7 for the Public Test Region of popular FPS/MOBA infusion Overwatch has already generated some stink among fans of the game: More specifically, among some of the 0.26% of players who tested the changes. In cliche and cringe inducing fashion, some elements within the Overwatch community have responded to recent nerfs of Roadhog, D.Va and Ana with kicking and screaming instead of testing and reporting.

It comes as no surprise. Anyone who has ever played a game competitively can attest to the utter frustration a patch can inject into a competitive gaming experience. While most games offer a platform for interaction that a community then develops a competitive platform on, Overwatch is somewhat unique in that competitive ranking could have the potential to skyrocket a player to Pro Gamer stardom; a fact that might be taken a bit too seriously by some small percentage of the community.

These PTR changes come at a time where three tank characters are considered by many to be the existing meta.

True to form, Jeff Kaplan and Geoff Goodman rallied the troops, ignored the fact that they basically have the same name but refuse to spell it just one way, and explained the facts behind the furor. The topics of conversation included proposed fixes to some of the changes bestowed upon post-apocalyptic nuclear war survivor Roadhog, as well as stats regarding player interaction with the PTR.

Apparently, the average play time was around 26 minutes. Obviously unbeknownst to the developers, this is plenty of time to acquire a solid foundation of information regarding whether or not a player’s butt is significantly hurt. From this, the chances of precipitation of delicious, salty tears can be derived. At least now, with two big problems out of the way, we can see a little more monkey business bouncing around the map: Welcome back, Winston.- Charon



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